Chair Pilates with Gladys

***The zoom class link can be found on the bottom of your rsvp confirmation email that you will receive after you rsvp. Please save your confirmation email to access the class on the day of the event.***

This class is a Pilates-based movement exercise class that is designed to make your daily tasks easier. It is carefully structured to be easy to follow and suitable for every level of mobility.

Since no one should miss out of exercising, we have added a beginner level class for those of you who may require a bit more support. In our class we will focus on the Principles of Pilates, to help you to correct such things as posture, restore mobility, improve balance, and help you to build strength.

All of the exercises will be done seated, or with the support of a chair. We will use props in our class that will help to challenge and support our sessions. Although not necessary or required for class, here is a list of those that you may use:

  1. Sturdy chair
  2. Light weights, (can of soup, water bottle)
  3. Elastic band
  4. Tennis ball
  5. 8” Myotherapy ball
  6. Folded towel

Please get cleared by your medical doctor to perform physical activity prior to attending this class. This class will assist in modifications appropriate for all levels and stages of treatment or recovery.

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