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  • Young Nurse and Mother Stresses Diligence, Awareness After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    KEYE-TV (CBS, Austin)

    Amy Woods, a Texas Oncology patient diagnosed with breast cancer last year with no family history of the disease, advises other women, especially young women, to advocate for themselves and their health concerns. Bridget O’Brien, D.O., FACS, FSSO, breast surgical oncologist at Texas Breast Specialists–Georgetown, urges women to do their due diligence by conducting monthly self-exams and paying attention to unusual changes to their breasts.

  • The Truth About Breast Cancer Care Amid a Pandemic

    Times may change, but the importance of breast cancer care remains the same. Know how to decipher truth from myth about breast cancer care during COVID-19.

  • Why You Should Not Delay or Cancel Breast Cancer Screenings Because of the Pandemic
    KERA-FM (NPR, Dallas-Fort Worth)

    Allison DiPasquale, M.D., of Texas Breast Specialists was featured on KERA discussing delayed and canceled mammograms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. DiPasquale explained the improved safety standards for undergoing mammograms amid COVID-19 and encouraged patients to keep their annual screening appointments.

  • Karen Clements: From Adversity Comes Strength
    Austin American-Statesman

    Breast cancer patient Karen Clements is often described as resilient, having faced adversity supporting her family members through health challenges while managing her own treatment. She credits her Texas Oncology team, including Allison Gorrebeeck, M.D., medical oncologist at Texas Oncology–Austin North Suite 300, Caroline Coombs-Skiles, M.D., FACS, breast surgeon at Texas Breast Specialists–Austin Downtown, and Carl E. Nuesch, M.D., FACRO, FACR, radiation oncologist at Texas Oncology–Austin North Radiation Oncology and Austin Central, for their coordinated and comprehensive care during her cancer journey.

  • Three Things to Know Before You Cancel Your Mammogram

    Mammograms are the most reliable way to identify cancer early, often before there are symptoms. Don’t let COVID-19 deter you from prioritizing your health. Here are three things to consider before you cancel your mammogram.

  • Pam Cooper: Finding Refuge Amid the Fight
    Austin American-Statesman

    Breast cancer patient Pam Cooper has made it an annual tradition to get her mammogram with her best friend and regularly conducts self-exams. By taking preventative steps, her breast cancer was detected at an early stage. Pam was treated by Courtney Yau, M.D., medical oncologist at Texas Oncology–Georgetown, and Bridget O’Brien, D.O., FACS, FSSO, breast surgical oncologist at Texas Breast Specialists–Georgetown, who commend Pam for being proactive about her health.

  • Dr. Julie Sprunt: Managing Your Cancer Treatment During COVID-19

    Julie Sprunt, M.D., FACS, fellowship trained breast surgeon at Texas Breast Specialists–Austin, discusses cancer care decision-making during COVID-19, including assessing the best treatment, follow-up, and maintenance strategy for each patient.

  • Telemedicine 101: How to Prepare for Your Virtual Appointment

    The rise in virtual appointments during COVID-19 has reshaped the way some patients receive cancer care. Here’s what you need to know about preparing for your telemedicine appointment.

  • COVID-19 and Cancer Screenings: Should I Be Screened This Year?

    The purpose of preventative cancer screenings is to diagnose and treat cancer early. Skipping preventive screenings can adversely affect your long-term health.

  • A Caregivers Guide to COVID-19 and Cancer

    Caregivers play a vital role in protecting the health and safety of cancer patients, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are extra steps and safety measures to protect patients.