Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: Lose the Tumor, Save the Breast

February 18, 2019

For many women with breast cancer, an important question is: How will I look after surgery?

As surgical techniques advance, the answer is getting better. Oncoplastic surgery combines tumor removal, e.g., lumpectomy, with plastic surgery techniques to maximize cosmetic outcomes for patients who have breast conserving operations.

Providing leading edge surgical services, such as oncoplastic breast surgery, is a priority at Texas Breast Specialists, a part of Texas Oncology – with more than two dozen experienced surgeons at 37 locations in Texas.

“Oncoplastic breast surgical techniques are a natural extension of our passionate attention to detail,” said Dr. Jamie Terry, breast surgeon, Texas Breast Specialists in Houston.

Dr. Terry and her colleague Dr. Diana Hook recently traveled to Tampa for a specialized training course in oncoplastic surgical techniques. The course included study of two foundational techniques: donut mastopexy, which lifts the breast, together with glandular tissue rearrangement. This surgery provides excellent access to tumors, and wide margin excision, when needed, to help ensure that all of the cancer is removed, while also resulting in better cosmetic outcomes.

Dr. Terry and Dr. Hook also learned about new opportunities to collaborate with plastic surgeons to perform combined oncological and more advanced reconstructive techniques.

“We believe in continuous improvement and learning, so that we can give our patients the best operations for their specific cancer circumstance and with attention to overall patient well-being in survivorship,” said Dr. Hook, Texas Breast Specialists-The Woodlands.