Needle Biopsy of Breast Lesions

A breast biopsy is a test that removes tissue or fluid from the body to assess if the cells are cancerous. During a needle biopsy, a breast surgeon inserts a hollow needle to remove suspicious tissue while the patient is under local anesthesia. 

A pathologist examines the cells under a microscope for the presence of breast cancer. About 80 percent of women who have a breast biopsy do not have cancer.

The pathology report can take one or two weeks to complete. The report will indicate whether the suspicious area is cancerous. The pathologist will send the report directly to your doctor, who can review it with you and discuss any next steps, if necessary.

The type of breast biopsy you receive is dependence on several factors including:

  • Appearance of the breast change area
  • Size of lump(s)
  • Location of change in the breast
  • Other patient medical problems
  • Personal preferences by the patient

Texas Breast Specialists performs three primary types of needle biopsies: