Non-wire localization (SAVI-scout)

SAVI-SCOUT® uses micro-impulse radar to locate and direct the removal of breast tumors. The system’s radar detects a non-radioactive reflector that is placed at the tumor site up to seven days before a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy. During the procedure, the surgeon scans the breast using a handpiece, which emits infrared light and a micro-impulse signal to detect the location of the reflector. Real-time audio and visual indicators help the surgeon locate the reflector and the target tissue. The procedure can be used for cancer or for lesions with unknown pathology that are not otherwise able to be felt.

In late 2017, the FDA approved the long-term non-radioactive implant with no restrictions on the length of time the reflector can remain in the breast. This accurate location precision with no invasive wires or radiation allows the surgeon to plan a surgical approach that may result in a better cosmetic outcome for patients.