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  • Breaking Through Breast Cancer Myths with Katrina Birdwell, M.D., FACS

    From symptoms to surgery, Katrina Birdwell, M.D., FACS, of Texas Breast Specialists break down several of the common breast cancer myths she hears from patients.

  • What to Know if You’re Newly Diagnosed
    Paint it all Pink Magazine 2019

    When someone is newly diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by large volumes of information and difficult treatment plan decisions. Heather King, M.D., FACS, of Texas Breast Specialists–Austin joins other oncologist in sharing advice for these patients as they begin their cancer journeys. She encourages patients to take care of themselves by maintaining physical and emotional health.

  • Fighting Fear Itself and Finding the Courage to Seek Support During Cancer
    Austin Medical Times, Houston Medical Times

    Bewilderment. Confusion. And perhaps most of all, fear. All of these feelings can accompany a diagnosis of cancer. Dr. Mathew Meeneghan of Texas Oncology–South Austin and Dr. Jamie Terry of Texas Breast Specialists–Houston Medical Center share tips for facing fear and seeking support during cancer.

  • Cancer and Motherhood: Breastfeeding Linked to Decreased Risk
    Austin Medical Times, Houston Medical Times, The Williamson County Sun

    Dr. Bridget O’Brien of Texas Breast Specialists–Georgetown and Dr. Michelina Cairo of Texas Oncology–Houston Memorial City discusses an overlooked benefit of breastfeeding – lower cancer risk. Studies show that breastfeeding can reduce risk for breast, endometrial and ovarian cancers.

  • New mammogram guidelines might have women delaying cancer screening
    Austin American-Statesman

    Following updated breast cancer screening guidelines from the American College of Physicians and varying recommendations from other medical organizations, Dr. Julie Sprunt of Texas Breast Specialists–Austin shared guidance on when and how often women should get screened.

  • When should you get a mammogram to screen for breast cancer?
    KXAN-TV (NBC, Austin)

    Following updated breast cancer screening recommendations from the American College of Physicians, Dr. Julie Sprunt of Texas Breast Specialists–Austin shared guidance on when and how often women should get screened. According to Dr. Sprunt, individual risk factors including genetics should be considered, and women should talk with their doctors about a personalized approach.

  • Mammogram Regulation Changes
    WOAI-TV (NBC, San Antonio)

    Following new FDA mammography standards, Dr. Kathryn Wagner of Texas Breast Specialists–San Antonio Downtown discusses how these recommended changes will decrease the delay of diagnosis. The FDA now recommends women with dense breast tissue to seek out additional testing, in addition to setting a stricter timeline for mammogram results to be shared with women.

  • Using 3D Mammography to Detect Cancer in Younger Women
    KRIV–TV (FOX, Houston)

    Dr. Jamie Terry from Texas Oncology–Houston Memorial City explains how 3D mammographies are better at detecting breast cancer than 2D mammographies. The 3D mammography allows physicians to detect smaller breast cancers and at an early stage. 

  • 2019 Trends: Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy with Dr. Canavan

    Dr. Lynn Canavan of Texas Breast Specialists–Denison, McKinney and Plano breaks down the benefits of nipple-sparing mastectomy as a cancer care trend for 2019.

  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: Lose the Tumor, Save the Breast

    Oncoplastic breast surgery combines tumor removal with plastic surgery to treat cancer, while maximizing cosmetic outcomes.